What is One Drop | Experts?

Managing diabetes can be hard, lonely work.

Unlike other medical conditions where your doctor does much of the work, the daily tasks of managing diabetes fall directly on the person with diabetes. You’ve got to check glucose, take medication (including insulin injections), eat healthy and be active every day. If you’re doing everything you’re supposed to, diabetes is a 24/7 job with no days off — not to mention no pay.

Additionally, if you have a question, are having trouble, or just need some support or encouragement, you may not have anyone to turn to. It can be tough to get in touch with your healthcare team at a moment’s notice. Typically, there’s a major lag in response time. And once you do get through to them, they may not have time to answer all your questions or provide you with the support you need.

It’s clear that something needs to change!

Introducing One Drop | Experts

One Drop | Experts is a diabetes education and coaching program delivered entirely through the One Drop mobile app. Our Experts are Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) who are available anytime to answer questions and provide support, encouragement and accountability. We developed One Drop | Experts with the belief that most people with diabetes know (or can easily learn) the basics of diabetes management. What people with diabetes really need are the tools to make diabetes management a regular part of their life, in addition to ongoing support and encouragement when things get tough.


One Drop | Experts uses real-time data and human support to empower you to take ownership of your diabetes management — all in a way that’s motivating, encouraging and mindful. One Drop | Experts does not take the place of your health care team. We do, however, empower you to take an active role in your self-care and live a great life with diabetes.

One Drop | Experts is included in your subscription to One Drop | Premium and includes two options to meet your needs.

    • One Drop | Experts On-Track: A 9-week structured program that covers all aspects of diabetes (medication, food, activity, stress) and focuses on basic education, skill building and supportive accountability. If you choose One Drop | Experts On-Track, your Expert will send you messages on a regular basis to encourage you to take steps in managing your diabetes.
    • One Drop | Experts On-Call: This program gives users access to an Expert anytime, but without a structured program. If you choose One Drop | Experts On-Call, your Expert is available anytime to help you with whatever you need. Every couple of weeks, your Expert will send you some helpful information about diabetes management.

What our Users are Saying

Participants in One Drop | Experts have told us how much the program has given them the information, tools and support they need to manage their diabetes and lower their A1c. Don’t take it from us — here’s what our users are saying:



  • “I’m loving these Lessons. Whoever wrote these truly made these for people, like myself, to understand them that don’t know any technical terms.”
  • “This week’s Lesson really struck home. I was just thinking last night about reviewing my readings and see how I can make some changes to really bring my readings down.”


  • “The last 9 weeks have helped me so much on what to eat and controlling my sugar intake. I am thankful for having you as my advocate and the help you have given me is something that I have needed for a long time.”
  • “I have a plan and I know the value of my plan. I cannot thank you enough. I feel like going on whereas before this program I had just totally given up.”
  • “I’m taking my meds now with 98% consistency. Knowledge is power and this program has truly empowered me.”


  • “For the first time in my life I actually feel supported from a professional. You give me hope where my doctor has failed.”
  • “It’s nice to know there’s someone there that’s not going to roll their eyes, harp on me, or blame me.”
  • “Knowing that you can answer questions and understand what I have to deal with every day makes it easier because someone is out there making me feel less alone in my struggles.”


  • “I saw my doc yesterday. My A1c went from 8.6% to 7.9%! Thanks One Drop!!”
  • “Made it through Thanksgiving and just had an A1c of 7.7% down from 9.6% three months ago.”
  • “I just checked my A1c and it went from 10.3% to 8.8% with your help. I was very pleased with these results and I will stay on track with One Drop and your help. Thank you a million times!”
  • “My A1c was 9.7% when I started. I just took a blood test at my doctors and I’m currently at 7%. My bad cholesterol is down and my good is up. Am in an awesome mood.”


Mark Heyman, PhD, CDE
Mark Heyman, PhD, CDE

Dr. Mark Heyman is a Clinical Psychologist and Certified Diabetes Educator, with expertise in the emotional and behavioral aspects of diabetes, including changes that improve physical and mental health outcomes in people with diabetes. When Mark was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1999, he was frustrated by the lack of resources available to help people navigate the behavioral and emotional challenges of living with the disease. As a psychologist and CDE, Mark now uses his knowledge and experience to tackle the complexities associated with diabetes. Mark developed and currently leads the One Drop | Experts program. He received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from The George Washington University and completed his psychology internship and post-doctoral fellowship at the UCSD School of Medicine. Mark holds an appointment as a voluntary Assistant Clinical Professor in the UCSD Department of Psychiatry. In his spare time, Mark can be found performing with his improvisational comedy team *Inside Joke*. Find Mark on Twitter: @DiabeticPsych