One Drop | Experts is immediate support for your diabetes management

One of the most difficult things about living with diabetes is that there is no break. People with diabetes have to make decisions about their diabetes management multiple times a day, each and every day. Diabetes doesn’t follow a regular schedule; questions about healthy eating happen every time you eat; insulin dosing can change on a dime, given any number of different daily and hourly variables. And yet, even though diabetes is a constant in people’s lives, access to real-time support is anything but constant. If diabetes doesn’t take a break, why should your support system?

Diabetes is constant. Your support team should be, too.

When you have questions about diabetes, how long does it take to get answers from a real person? When you need an accountability partner, who do you turn to? Are you able to get feedback on your blood glucose numbers in real-time? If you’re like most people, your current management situation isn’t ideal. Appointments with a doctor or diabetes educator don’t happen as often as you’d like. When they do, there’s not enough time to ask all your questions or get the support you need. Diabetes education – at least the way that most people get it – doesn’t meet people where they are, which is right here, right now. We live in the 21st century; this outdated care model needs a revamp.

One Drop | Experts: immediate, constant care.

That’s where One Drop | Experts comes in. With Experts (all of whom are Certified Diabetes Educators), we’re bringing this digital health revolution to the forefront of diabetes management and care. Not only are you able to instantly access your digital diabetes logbook at any moment, your Expert can, too.

In realtime, both you and your Expert can analyze your diabetes data together, and make instantaneous decisions that will better your diabetes management. Right after you make that monthly payment with your bank app, open your One Drop app and instantly message your diabetes coach about a new exercise routine you’d like to try. Then, send another message about how you’re contemplating a change in your basal rates. With all your data logged in your app, chat immediately with your coach to receive immediate feedback and insight.

Choose your Experts program.

Rather than wait 3 months (or more!) for your checkup, you could be getting that instant, real-time support from your One Drop | Expert. Start with a 9-week intensive program focusing on the ins & outs of diabetes with Experts: On Track; contact your Expert via in-app chat anytime you have questions, want feedback about your diabetes data, or just need some support using Experts: On Call. There are also more specifically structured programs, like Diabetes Burnout and Advanced Carb Counting. Whatever program you choose, know that your Expert will be there with you every step of the way as you not only advance your diabetes knowledge but also set & reach management goals for yourself.

Diabetes is all the time; your healthcare and support system should be too. Use your Expert whenever you want and whatever way you need to transform and progress your diabetes management. Because if everything else in your life is immediate, your diabetes coach should be, too.



Mark Heyman, PhD, CDE
Mark Heyman, PhD, CDE

Dr. Mark Heyman is a Clinical Psychologist and Certified Diabetes Educator, with expertise in the emotional and behavioral aspects of diabetes, including changes that improve physical and mental health outcomes in people with diabetes. When Mark was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1999, he was frustrated by the lack of resources available to help people navigate the behavioral and emotional challenges of living with the disease. As a psychologist and CDE, Mark now uses his knowledge and experience to tackle the complexities associated with diabetes. Mark developed and currently leads the One Drop | Experts program. He received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from The George Washington University and completed his psychology internship and post-doctoral fellowship at the UCSD School of Medicine. Mark holds an appointment as a voluntary Assistant Clinical Professor in the UCSD Department of Psychiatry. In his spare time, Mark can be found performing with his improvisational comedy team *Inside Joke*. Find Mark on Twitter: @DiabeticPsych