New Year, New Fit With Diabetes Challenge!

Fit with diabetes: Let’s do this, together. 

If you need a little motivation and support to get started on your health and diabetes goals in January, why not join me in taking the Fit With Diabetes Challenge?

It’s a free, 4-week challenge focused on diabetes and exercise, healthy nutrition, and weight management with diabetes. I, along with a team of top diabetes experts, will take you through some of the most important aspects you should know about the aforementioned topics. 

The challenge starts on January 3, but you can go ahead and sign up here:

How the Fit With Diabetes Challenge works

The Fit With Diabetes Challenge consists of five parts:

  1. Daily activities or “challenges” that take you through everything you need to do in a step-by-step fashion
  2. Articles covering the most important topics on diabetes and weight management
  3. Weekly meal plans
  4. Workout programs that you can do during the challenge (home and gym workouts)
  5. A Facebook support group for challenge participants to ask questions, share experiences and connect with other people who want to be Fit With Diabetes

Each week, there will be a giveaway where you can win awesome diabetes products from challenge sponsors like One Drop. Additionally, there will be a special discount from One Drop to all challenge participants. More on that special deal later! 

Who all should sign up? 

Did I mention that it’s totally FREE to take the challenge? Anyone and everyone is welcome to join! 

The challenge is for all fitness levels. It’s based on my own experiences with diabetes and exercise, as well as the knowledge and insights of other diabetes and exercise experts. There will be posts by:

If you are ready to join me to learn more about diabetes, weight management, and exercise, then sign up for the challenge! In 2018,  we’re getting Fit With Diabetes together!

Sign up here:



Christel Oerum
Christel Oerum

Christel Oerum is a certified personal trainer, diabetes coach, and the owner of, a website about health and exercise for people with diabetes. She has been living with type 1 diabetes since 1997 and at an early stage decided that it wasn’t going to slow her down. Her motto is “There is Nothing You Can’t do With Diabetes”. She trains people with diabetes from across the globe, online and in person, and supports them in meeting their health and fitness goals.