Staying Low-Carb for Spring Holidays

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Spring is in the air! 🌷 April is just around the corner. With it comes warmer weather, sunshine, & festivities! Easily navigate Passover and Easter with these tips & festive low-carb recipes.

Passover 2018

Friday, March 30 – Saturday, April 7

A ceremonial dinner (Seder) of symbolic foods marks the beginning of Passover. The shared Seder plate is a mix of high- and low-carb bites.

High Carb ⬆

Matzo (unleavened bread) 23g carbs, per piece

Charoset (fruit, nut & wine paste) 21.5g carbs, per 1/4 cup

Karpas (potato) 30g carbs OR (parsley) 0.2g carbs

Low Carb ⬇

Maror (horseradish) 1.7g carbs, per 1 tbsp

Chazeret (romaine lettuce) 0.9g carbs, per leaf

Zeroa (lamb shank) 0g carbs, per 1 oz

spring holidays, low-carb

Seder Plate Tips:

  1. Opt for whole grain matzo, which has slightly fewer carbs (19g) and more fiber.
  2. Avoid adding sugar or honey to the Charoset. Instead, use a Kosher sweetener like stevia.
  3. Sip on a dry red wine (~4g carbs per 8 oz).

For the remaining meals, the Jewish people give up “the five species of grains”– wheat, rye, oats, barley, and spelt. With these high-carb ingredients off limits, plenty of Passover recipes are Kosher and diabetes friendly 😊


Side Dishes

Transition from starchier, high-carb winter vegetables and take advantage of lighter, spring veggies. Greens, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts are all awesome low-carb options. Avoid kugels and other potato-based dishes. Instead, consider making a frittata or a zucchini-based casserole.

Main Courses


Enjoy these dairy-free and diabetes-friendly desserts. Your friends and family won’t believe they are low-carb and you won’t be left feeling deprived!

Easter 2018

Sunday, April 1

April Fool’s! Nope, no jokes here — Easter falls on the same day as April Fool’s this year. There are sure to be lots of eggcellent jokes to be had this Easter 2018. 😝

Other than April Fool’s, though, Easter means new beginnings, family… and chocolate 🍫 ! It’s hard to stay on track when the grocery isles are lined with Cadbury Eggs, jelly beans, and marshmallow Peeps. But with a little preparation and creativity, you can stay on track and enjoy the holiday season.

spring holidays, low-carb

Low-Carb Kids

A diabetes diagnosis doesn’t mean your child has to miss out on Easter! Pack diabetes-friendly Easter baskets with small gifts instead of sugary treats. Stickers, small stuffed animals, bubbles, and chalk are all fun substitutions. Limit sweets to a few pieces of dark chocolate or sugar-free candy. Keep your child entertained with coloring pages, spring time crafts, and egg dying.

Sweet Moderation: Sugar-free candy may have less impact on blood glucose but be aware that the sugar alcohols (used as sweeteners) can cause digestive distress.

Low-Carb Brunch

Spend time with your friends and family while munching on these delicious low-carb options. Don’t forget dessert!


Meat & Fish



Hoppy eating 🐰 !




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