One Drop Community Guidelines

The One Drop community is designed for everyone to learn from each other about how to navigate diabetes together.

Here are the One Drop community guidelines:

  • Be nice! We are here to support each other and we want everyone to feel welcome.
  • You will not upload, post, discuss, request, or link to anything that violates local or United States law.
  • You will not post or request personal information
  • Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality and informative comments.
  • Submitting false or misclassified moments or otherwise spamming the system may result in a ban. No spamming of any kind.
  • Advertising (all forms) is not welcome – this includes any type of referral linking, “offers”, soliciting, begging, or non One Drop related comments, posts or notes.
  • No uploading of images containing additional data such as embedded sounds, documents, archives, etc.
  • You will not post any pornographic images or images that could not be considered “G” rated – for viewers of all ages – of any sort.
  • Remember: The use of One Drop is a privilege, not a right. The One Drop staff reserves the right to revoke access and remove content for any reason without notice.

If you feel anyone has violated the above guidelines, please email One Drop immediately with the posters initials and date/time stamp of post and we will do our best to remove the offending post solely at our discretion.



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