Power of 10

The Power of 10

For every subscription sold, One Drop donates 10 subscriptions of One Drop | Experts to those in need.


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Every 6 seconds a person dies from diabetes.

Diabetes education is the cornerstone of good diabetes management, and through the Power of 10, we can ensure that everyone diagnosed with diabetes has the information, insights, and support they need to thrive.

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Why One Drop | Experts?

  • Anytime, Anywhere

    One Drop | Experts is a personalized diabetes coaching program delivered entirely via mobile app. Work with a CDE available 24/7 to get the guidance and support you need in real-time.

  • ADA-Recognized

    One Drop | Experts is the first and only digital diabetes coaching program to be recognized by the American Diabtees Association for Quality Self-Managment Education* and Support.

  • Clinically Effective

    Studies demonstrate that people with diabetes improve their A1c by 1.0-1.3% in just 12 weeks of working with their One Drop | Expert. See press release for additional details.

How it Works



Give back while getting yours. Buy any Premium, Plus, or Experts subscription, and One Drop will automatically donate 10 subscriptions to One Drop | Experts to underserved people with diabetes.

So, take the first step! Subscribe today to start lowering your A1C, while helping 10 other people lower theirs, too.



Are you an insurance company, self-insured employer, or otherwise providing diabetes care to a large population? For every One Drop subscription purchased for your members/employees, One Drop automatically donates 10 subscriptions to One Drop | Experts to people in need. Contact us to learn more about how to get involved.


Community Clinics

Are you a Safety-Net Clinic, Community Health Center, Federally Qualified Health Center, or other clinic serving communities in need? Contact us to get free and unlimited diabetes education for your community!


User Reviews
  • “During the 9 week course on Diabetes Management with a Certified Diabetes Educator, I experienced a significant drop in my BG and insulin needed… I even lost weight. I highly recommend One Drop to ALL diabetics.”
  • “Knowing that there is a real live person prompting and encouraging me makes a big difference to me’”
  • “My history is that when I am accountable to someone outside of myself and have encouragement, I do well.”
  • “I enjoy the slow pace lessons. The review is great…I think this will give some kind of routine to my day which I think is something that I have been in need of.”