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Are you a forward thinking employer, insurer or health system looking for a better way to manage chronic disease?

Navigating diabetes,


Why One Drop?

  • Evidence-based

    One Drop's evidence-based program helps people with diabetes learn sustainable self-care behaviors to improve quality of life, reduce the risk of complications and lower total cost of care.

  • Designed by People Who Know

    Our programs were designed by people with diabetes and licensed clinical experts who understand the challenges of living day-to-day with a chronic disease.

  • Individualized Support

    Our personalized approach fits all people with diabetes and a smartphone regardless of diabetes type, therapy, age, lifestyle or motivation level.

We deliver results

  • Participant Satisfaction


    Net Promoter Score

    4+ star rating in Apple App Store and Google Play Store

    70% of self-pay participants renew subscription each year*

  • Proven Outcomes

    ▼ 1.9%

    Reduction in HBA1c1

    78% decrease in out-of-range readings2

    15 peer-reviewed published studies**

  • Cost Savings


    1-year cost savings3,4,***

* Self-pay participants pay entirely out-of-pocket without insurance.

** References for all One Drop peer-reviewed studies can be found at

*** Data to be presented in 2019

First ever ADA-recognized digital diabetes program

  • Personalized Support

    Participants are assigned a certified diabetes educator as their personal health coach to guide them as they work towards their goals.

    Engaging Content

    News feed delivers relevant content daily to educate and empower users to better manage their health.

  • Automated Decision Support

    Advanced AI accurately predicts future blood glucose levels and provides actionable insights and advice.

    Global Solution

    CE mark, 510(k) and Health Canada cleared, 1M registered users with full program available in 30 countries including Canada, EU, UK and US.

How it Works

  • Personal Health Coach

    Our coaches understand each person's unique situation and work directly with participants to overcome obstacles and achieve lasting results.

  • Tools to Motivate

    State-of-the-art wireless glucose monitor sends all data directly to the One Drop mobile app. The app tracks glucose, medication, food, activity, weight, blood pressure, and A1c. It also monitors progress and offers insights and tips to help participants stay on track at every stage of the program.

  • Community

    Our community of users are there to provide motivation along the way and share their experiences with people in similar situations.

  • Convenience

    Participants receive testing supplies mailed directly to the home and they can use the mobile app as often as they like to access their coach and receive guidance when they need it the most.

  • Insights Lead to Action

    One Drop's AI-powered automated decision support offers valuable insights that lead to action and sustained behavior change for participants.

Working with One Drop

  • Service, Service, Service

    Our dedicated team will blow your minds with turn key program design, implementation, reporting and ongoing support. Every client stakeholder and program participant should be satisfied with One Drop as we stand behind our commitment to deliver the world's best experience.

  • Participant Identification

    We use eligibility and claims data to engage those who can benefit most from our program and have the biggest impact on your organization's overall healthcare costs.

    Enrollment Marketing

    Through our experience gained as one of the world's most popular diabetes management apps, we apply best practices in digital communications and consumer engagement to maximize participation and ongoing engagement in the program.

  • Personalized Coaching

    Our team of cerified diabetes educators utilize proven behavior change techniques to meet participants where they are and guide them on their journey to self-management and healthy living.

    Performance Reporting

    Because our programs are built to deliver results, you'll receive monthly reports that track participant enrollment, engagement levels and overall outcomes measures.

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